Saturday, October 20, 2012

I have realized that I can't picture myself doing anything else in the world right now..this work is literally "A Marvelous Work and a Wonder". I have come to love serving the Lord and his children. We truly find happiness when we give our hearts to the Lord. I read something that I wrote in my journal about 7 months ago, it says "I made a goal for my mission, it's to be happy, truly happy that is all I want". Well I can say that I have completed that goal, I am happy.
Juan's a ranch about 2 hours away from Torreon. All of the streets are dirt, and just about everyone has a donkey and a trailer. We are surrounded by mountains, it's a nice change.
Change in area...a ranch in Gomez Palacio. I have a church building now, a Bishop that wants to baptize and a Ward Mission Leader. The people here are humble and willing to listen. Elder Lopez and I are opening this area. I am very excited and ready to work.
Christmas gathering 2011
We BAPTIZED!! Hahaha, and it felt amazing. We have been visiting with him for about two months, and finally he got baptized. I have really come to love the kid, he is great, smart and full of understanding. He said that he wanted me to baptize him, which was cool. When we got into the water, you could see in his eyes that he was worried. But when I started to say the baptismal prayer, the spirit was so strong and I could feel the power of the Priesthood. December 5, 2011