Monday, July 18, 2011


So we still have no investigators but we knocked on this door and the lady let us in, and we started teaching her and her daughter, that is like 26 or so, and we had a really a good lesson. We often times have really good lessons but when we come back they aren't there, but anyway,  I had a chance to testify and the spirit was so strong! When I was testifying the Mom was crying! I don't even know Spanish that well yet, I just know that the Lord speaks through the spirit. I was testifying of Jesus Christ, and the Book of Mormon. But it was a good experience. I love visiting with members! They are the best, really, they really have a Testimony of this Gospel and they are humble. I love this area a lot, I love the people, they are so nice,  I love Mexico, it is crazy and such, but all the people have such a big heart! I love my zone, I love my zone leaders, they are a huge blessing in my life. April 2011

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